wok n roll

train aesthetic (?????)

I’m on the train to liverpool lol i feel like i live on trains now


I want to be the girl with the most cake | via Tumblr en We Heart It.


why do i always assume everyone looks like their icon

im not kidding

if your icon was a goat

i would think that you are a goat

thanks for sending me messages n stuff, u made my day

Title: Birthday
Artist: Blur
Album: Leisure


Blur - Birthday

It’s my birthday
No one here day
Very strange day
I think of you day
Go outside day
Sit in the park day
Watch the sky day
What a pathetic day
I don’t like this day
it makes me feel too small
I don’t like these days
They make me feel so small

ok so it is now actually my birthday….well it’s midnight but I was born at like 3 minutes past 6am so it kinda counts


i’m glad the world didnt end in 2012 because then we would never have heard comedown machine

sox-on-coxon hehe thank u:)

Anonymous asked: i hope your birthday is the best so far!! and i hope this year is amazing for you and filled with loads of good surprises :) have an absolute wonderful day. (also your icon makes me so happy every time i see it)

omg you’re so lovely I wish I knew who this was!!! thank you so much!!! :)

Damon at NME interview

Blur at Quart Festival (1999)